Anonymous whispered: Don't be sorry! Anyone would feel jumbled or jittery and might feel gross because of it. It's not you that's gross, it's the feelings - and YOU are NOT your feelings, no matter how much they seem to overlap with you right now, while things are bad <3 I hope that a crapload of ice and HIMYM and talking things over with friends makes the feelings pass quickly - am thinking of you :)

You remind me of my friend, whether you’re her or not, you’re lovely lol. Thank you, thank you. It’s hard to remember that I am not my own feelings and stuff, but thank you. I’m thinking of you too bb and I hope you are okay yourself

Anonymous whispered: I hear you. It sounds absolutely terrifying :( You keep saying you shouldn't feel that way... I definitely understand not wanting to feel that way, but I don't think less of you for feeling it in the first place. You're really being so, so strong and brave right now - I know it might not seem that way right now, but to me, an unbiased stranger, all I see is resilience. I promise <3 Is there anything that has worked in the past to lessen the intensity of wanting to cut?

*huuuug* thank you lovely. I really don’t know what to say right now but thank you for looking out for me. Also I think ice/talking to a friend/watching himym or anime has lessened the intensity but I’ve tried some of them already and I just feel nauseous and dizzy right now. I just… I don’t know lovely I’m sorry. My head is so jumbled and gross right now I just- Idk. I’m all jittery and shit it’s gross

Anonymous whispered: I understand needing someone to listen, and feeling like it won't get better anytime soon. do you feel comfortable saying what you need to on your blog? how can I help? I want to hear what you have to say.

thank you anon.. I’m just… really hysterical and scared right now. My mind is on overdrive thinking of everything and anything and I’m really scared of myself right now. Thankfully some friends have calmed me down but I’m still hurting and I’m so so scared. I’m so scared of myself right now. I’m just scared because it’s been so long since I’ve felt this low and suicidal. I mean I’ve had bad lows but not this bad in a long time. It’s such a heart shattering relapse. I was ready to walk out and just… throw myself into the river you know? It’s so hard right now. I just… I hate it. Not only is it inconvenient but it’s hurting me so much and it’s scaring me so much. I’m scared one day I’m really going to end things. I’m scared… I’m so scared. All I see right now is nothing. A scared little bunny in the darkness. But the voices of some friend have stopped the crying… but I’m still so scared and hurt and I don’t know what to do… I just… I don’t know what to do right now I’m so scared and hurt I just- I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be like this at all. Things have gotten so good lately so I shouldn’t be like this. There are people out there who have it so much worse, I’ve met so many people that have it much worse, I should be out there helping them or just… my head hurts so much right now lovely, I can’t think properly. I just want to cut right now I’m so sorry

I don’t need someone to tell me it’ll be okay right now. I don’t need people just telling me to cheer up. To get over it. I’m tired of all the empty words. All I need right now is a hug and someone to listen. I’m tired of everyone just having to get their word in and not listen. I don’t need your words. I need your ears and your arms and heart to hug.


"I may carry Jack within me...And I may look like him...but do not get the wrong idea. My name is Oz."
oz vessalius appreciation post.


The End…



there’s a lot of unspoken pressure to keep liking the things you used to like and to keep dressing the way you’ve always dressed and to never question what you believe in and basically “be yourself” has slowly morphed into “be what everyone knows you as” but trust me when i say if you just give it up and simply make decisions and take actions based purely on what would make you happy, you’ll gain a very comforting sense of self peace   

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some quick full-body refs for the Pirate!Free! postcards I did Q uQ;; I hope this helps the cosplayers who wanted to give it a go, ty for all the notes on my postcards, you guys are awesome! :”D <3 I’msobadatfullbodyrefs  Free boys will be the death of me QxQ;;

"I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that.”
- Charles Bukowski

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Ame & Yuki

people wanted them together, so here you go!